It’s a Selfish Thing

Why am I blogging?

Of course all that I have written previously is true. I have worked in adult education for about ten years and I do chase that spark of insight that knowledge, concept and idea sharing can bring. I love new ideas – those ideas that are new for me and new for others. I am an introvert I guess. I spend a lot of time in my head. But I have the extrovert’s at times insatiable compulsion to express outward into the world. What use are my thoughts, what use is my brain and my mind if I cannot express outwards in a meaningful way?

But why am I really blogging?

My lifestyle changed dramatically almost 14 months ago when I became a mother, having chosen to be at home for the formative years (though I can hardly proclaim to be the first parent who has turned to blogging as a way of developing their interests outside of motherhood – heaven forbid as a woman I can’t be completely fulfilled by simply being a mother and housekeeper). Yet we do things differently from many of our friends and even family. Some of these differences relate to parenting, others not. Our choices are always well thought out and researched. But it can be lonely.

Judgments can be stifling. Isolating. Loved ones can have a knack for passing judgement whilst proclaiming “not to judge” (I love them dearly still). So often I find myself yearning for someone to ask why we do X instead of Y. To be more interested in our well thought out, evidence based rationale than their own opinions of what is supposedly “right”.

So I find myself needing a voice. A vehicle by which to hone and express my own rationale not just on parenting, but on other topics I know and love – that to many seem so left-wing and strange. It’s a selfish thing. An indulgence. A way of self-assuring my own ego as it comes under fire.

Others will always have their opinions – as will you, dear Reader – and those will not always exist happily with one another. But I do value diversity of opinion – so hey, why not contribute to it?



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