About Nahma

Hi! I’m Carli, and apparently I’m a hippie. Totally unintentional of course but the word appears to follow me places. The older I become, the more likely I am to question what I once took for granted, which invariably leads me down twisting, winding roads to oftentimes, less mainstream, more alternative conclusions.

I’m vegetarian, I love yoga, I’m passionate about delicious whole foods, I believe in treading lightly on the earth, I live in a forest, I grow food, I thrive on diversity, I have a Health Science degree in complimentary and alternative medicine, I believe in natural, gentle parenting.

I studied philosophy for a short while, where I learned about logic and reasoning. This propelled my thought processes into being willing to question the status quo, whilst my studies in health sciences allow me to analyse research.

I have co-authored published research and presented the findings of my own research to conference delegates. I have worked in the nursing industry for ten years in largely a corporate training and development capacity. Whilst I love seeing the spark of insight flash in another’s eyes and enabling another to achieve their goals I am constantly looking for ways to do this which brings true meaning to another’s life.

For the better part of ten years I also worked in a business analyst capacity. I thrived on solutions-finding, breaking down communications barriers and creating something of value. The next thing for me is to use these skills more meaningfully.

I am the mother of quite a charismatic one year old, and live with her, my partner, our dog, a flock of hens and a couple of hives worth of bees.



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