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Blueberry and Chia Rockmelon Bowl

It’s the strangest thing. For me, yoga and rockmelon just go together. After an uplifting morning sesh I’m just drawn to it. I seek it out on those mornings – it is an extension of the practice I have just emerged myself in, an extension of that bodily nourishment.

Perhaps it is all that potassium I’m seeking after I’ve been sweating it out. Perhaps it is the refreshment and hydration it offers. I’m not sure, but rating awesomely low on the Glycaemic Index (GI) I just know it is a winner at breakfast time providing long lasting energy to get through my morning.

To me breakfast is like any other meal of the day – another opportunity to intake a variety of nutrients and to experience a wealth of flavours. So why eat the same breakfast day in day out? Whilst one may get bored of eating the same lunch every day, so rarely do we stop to think hmm, maybe I could swap this morning’s bowl of cornflakes for something else….


This morning I couldn’t quite shy away from a rockmelon bowl for breakfast. Scoop out the seeds, add a little yoghurt, blueberries (I must eat all I can whilst they are in season!) and the mandatory sprinkling of chia and… viola! A quick, easy, delicious and nutritious morning meal!