As we journey through life it is so easy to become caught in our daily rhythm. We so readily move from task to task making the same choices we’ve always made about our food, our habits, our relationships, our health, our style of living, our parenting. We rarely examine why we make the choices we do – we do what we’ve always done because we’ve always done it. Autopilot dominates our tasks and so easily does the rat race become the rat trap.

Conscious awareness and well constructed reasoning can help liberate one from life’s hum drum moments – giving us greater meaning, purpose, a sense of contribution and increased health, wellness and happiness.

Welcome to my site. I hope to take you on a journey, to occasionally challenge the status quo and conventionally accepted “wisdom”, and to share with you tools and tips from my own knowledge and experience on living a healthy, exuberant and fulfilled life. You’ll also find some personal writings and reflections as I delve further into my newly acquired role of mother.



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